Release of ISIS serial killer in Mosul for bribery

[:en]The “ISIL” mufti, known as the white beard in exchange for a bribe, was released after he was recently arrested by Iraqi forces hiding in the outskirts of Mosul, the Okaz newspaper reported.
The spokesman for the Ninawa-Zuhair al-Jabouri rally confirmed the release of the mufti of ISIL, adding that there were many cases of terrorist release due to corruption, although the rate had been reversed.
“I was in an area of Mosul, and a police intelligence force arrested a person, and after asking they said that he was a mufti on the right side of Mosul as a child, and we asked several sides and confirmed that he was indeed a mufti in the terrorist organization”, Adding that he was later released for a $7, 000 money.
The owner of the white beard, known as Abu Omar, is one of the known terrorists in the city of Mosul during the control of the organization, who terrorized the inhabitants of the city, and was famous for stoning people with stones to death

source: Ukaz news[:]

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